Saturday, April 23, 2016

Final Destination 4

The Final Destination series as a whole is a little bit of a joke to me. Pretty much all of their movies are just an excuse to find creative ways to kill people, sometimes not even very creatively. But overall, they are fun movies to watch. Some of the cheap, poorly put together things about the film just make the experience better. One of my favorite things about Final Destination is the poor CG I. For example, in Final Destination 4, a flying tire sails out of a racetrack and hits and decapitates a girl outside, all in awful CG I, and it just made it hilarious, where as a super realistic death would have been pretty gross. The best part of these movies however, are the convoluted ways different object clash and cause chain reactions ending in explosions and death. There are often several different reactions going on at once so the audience is unsure and put into suspense as to how the victim will meet their end. The icing on the cake is the oh-so-poor acting ability of the cast, but it just makes the films more fun. I would rate this film at about a 6/10 because it does its purpose of cheaply entertaining me.

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